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Mama Kim's

Seoul Soup

Galbi Tang (Beef Short Rib Soup)
Jjam Ppong (Spicy Seafood Soup)
Galbi Jjim (Braised Beef Short Ribs)
Kimchi Jjigae (Kimchi Stew)
Soon Doo Boo Jjigae (Soft Tofu Stew)
Dak Gom Tang (Chicken Soup)
Boo Dae Jjigae (Army Stew)
Hae Jang Gook (Hangover Soup)
Spicy Galbi Jjim (Spicy Braised Beef Short Ribs)
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About Us

We bring delicious, hearty, healthy Korean soups and stews to your home!  Mama Kim's Seoul Soup delivery and take out only Restaurant is ready to serve you amazing Korean food made with Mother's love.  We are located in North Hollywood, California and you can order through delivery platforms or pick up by ordering through our website.

Korean Local Food Market
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